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At last, you can enjoy the glowing happiness, boundless energy, and real confidence that come with true, sustainable wellbeing.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, dealing with a chronic illness, struggling with food allergies, or simply hoping to enhance your overall quality of life – your search ends here. Now, you have day-to-day guidance that unlocks your full health potential.

We give you the VIP treatment you deserve. From one-on-one consultations to mouthwatering meal plans, delicious recipes to ongoing support from your very own, expert nutritionist; you get fully-customized guidance that ensures you quickly meet your goals.

At last, you’ve found the focused, fun, and rewarding program that gets you where you’ve always wanted to be. Your Nutrition Journey is about to begin.

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How it Works

Here, we combine the value of in-person consultation with the convenience of an online concierge service; giving you world-class guidance right at your fingertips.The Nutrition Journey experience takes place in three exciting steps…

1. Getting to Know You

We start by listening carefully to your personal goals and vision. Then, we do a comprehensive analysis of your current nutrition habits. By learning where you are now and where you want to go; we give you the tools to live your dreams.

2. An Amazing Journey

Now the journey begins. We set you up with shopping lists that make trips to the store fun, mouthwatering recipes that are easy to prep, and customized meal plans you’ll absolutely love. This way, each day of your journey is filled with fun, discovery, and transformation.

3. Lasting Support by Your Side

Your personal nutritionist is available by text, email, phone, and in person to guide you through each step, answer your questions, and encourage you to meet your important nutrition goals. This way, you’ll be on your way to success in no time at all.

The Future of Health Your Personalized Nutrition Journey

The Future of Health: Nutrition Memberships
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Online Month-to-Month Nutrition Membership Program

  • Now, for only $360 per month (a $750 value), you can take total control of your health
  • High tech convenience meets ultra personalized support
  • Your nutritionist is always just a click away
  • It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle
  • No hidden fees or long contract
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In-Person Month-to-Month Nutrition Membership Program

  • For only $440 per month (an $875 value), you can completely transform your health
  • The ultimate full-service nutrition experience—100% customized
  • Your nutrition concierge is on-call every step of the way
  • No dieting necessary
  • No hidden fees or long contract
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Online 6-Month Nutrition Membership Program

  • For only $1,995 you get more than $3,430 in nutrition services
  • Ideal for anyone with an upcoming wedding or special event to plan for
  • The most flexible, convenient, and personalized nutrition service available
  • Receive first-class service from anywhere your life takes you
  • Get an all-access pass to your own nutritional expert
  • Forget one-size-fits all diet plans and get a nutrition plan that custom tailored for you
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In-Person 6-Month Nutrition Membership Program

  • $2,200 gives you over $4,165 worth of services
  • Perfect for brides, postpartum moms, and anyone with a deadline
  • Your on-call personal nutrition concierge, keeps you on track to reach your goal
  • Completely customized to fit your distinct needs
  • Be done with dieting for good
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Online 12-Month Nutrition Membership Program

  • For only $3,700, you receive more than $6,880 in high end nutrition services
  • All-inclusive program for amazing results in just one year
  • Unlimited access to your own nutrition concierge
  • 12 months of support, education, and nutrition guidance
  • No more generic diet plans. Finally, a nutrition program designed specifically for you
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In-Person 12-Month Nutrition Membership Program

  • $3,950 lands you more than $8,275 in custom nutrition services (OVER 50% OFF)
  • Transform your health in just one year
  • 12 months of all-access support, education, and nutrition guidance
  • Your personal nutrition concierge is available around the clock to guide you
  • Get amazing results, without dieting
  • All-inclusive program offers convenience and customization like never before
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