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Anna Baker

One of LA’s Top Nutritionists

Founder and principal nutritionist for Nutrition Journey

Anna Baker is the founder and principal nutritionist for Nutrition Journey, LLC. Once a victim of chronic illness and fatigue, Anna found a deep passion and respect for nutrition after proper diet and key lifestyle changes transformed her health, giving her a fresh and energized new outlook on life. In her progressive “membership??? approach to nutrition education, guidance, and support, Anna has developed a modernized path toward addressing weight gain, food allergies, illnesses, and other health concerns through Nutrition Journey.

By fusing both the convenience of an online platform and the personalization of face-to-face meetings, she sets the standard for a more effective and realistic client-nutritionist relationship. Through her system, she has helped hundreds of men and women end their detrimental u eating, fitness, and lifestyle habits in exchange for a more balanced way of living. The results: greater energy, function, and happiness overall. Anna holds a degree in Nutrition Studies from the lauded Flinders University in South Australia and is currently a Master’s candidate at Deakin University.

Completely Custom Meal Plans
Each month, you will receive a comprehensive meal plan custom tailored to your distinct tastes and needs. This monthly plan will also include both an electronic and hardcopy recipe book, as well as food selection suggestions, nutrient guidelines, and calorie requirements. Additionally, your personal nutrition concierge will work with you to ensure you are fully empowered to make healthy decisions when grocery shopping and cooking.
Comprehensive Nutrient Analysis
This head-to-toe assessment will gauge your specific nutritional needs based on your typical nutrient intake. Using the data collected, your nutritional concierge can then lay the blueprint for a 100 percent personalized nutrition plan that will work for your unique body and lifestyle. This is the baseline that will set the wheels in motion for a healthy nutrition program you can use for the rest of your life.
One-on-One Consultations
Transformation only comes with constant change! That’s why Nutrition Journey includes weekly counseling as an essential part its program. As new health goals are set and met, your personal nutritionist will continue to evolve your program plan to ensure you are continuously seeing results and feeling your best. With regular check-ins, we keep you motivated and accountable on your pathway to better health.

Meet Your Nutrition Concierge

Anna Baker

Food & Nutrition Writer/Author

  • Author of Nutrition 101: Your Cheat Sheet to a Healthier Life & Nutrition Journey 6 Week Kickstarter Plan
  • Nutrition Expert for magazines such as: News Week, Hollywoodlife.
  • Special Guests on radio/TV stations including iheart radio, ehealth & Annenberg TV News
  • Guest Columnist on websites such as mindbodygreen and iParkinsons. 

Public Relations & Media Consultant

  • Advises on, and develops nutrition and food communications and media strategies
  • Uses current evidenced-based science to create nutrition messages for articles, consumer education material, package labeling, health professional brochures, and media material
  • Represents approved brands, products and industries

Corporate Wellness

With this package, Nutrition Journey will provide the corporation with a complete curriculum to improve health and fitness.  Employees will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of health programs.

Such programs include:

  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Lunch-And-Learns
  • Group & Individual Nutrition Consultations
  • Weight-Loss Challenges with Incentives
  • Nutrition/ Health Challenges (Step Challenge, Cooking Challenge)
  • Webinars
  • Weekly Health Tips/ Newsletters
  • Energy Maintenance Through Nutrition
  • Provides Resources for Prepackaged Health Food on the Go
  • Nutrition Blog in The Companies’ Newsletters

Body Composition Analysis

Nutrition Journey offers medical grade non-invasive body composition analysis, using a monitoring system that provides a quick, accurate, and complete whole-body analysis in seconds. Unlike other body composition systems, which only provide partial analysis using the arms or legs, the Bodystat1500 allows a more accurate reading from head to toe. It is able to measure the client’s body fat, fat weight, lean body mass, total body water, basal metabolic weight, total body weight, and more. Additionally, the system advises on the recommended average daily calorie requirement for the client, as well as optimal mass and weight ranges. In addition to the software analysis, a detailed report explaining and clarifying all the results is provided.

Nutrient Analysis

Analyzes nutrient content of menus, recipes and meal plans for individuals, families, restaurants, group homes, state institutions, food companies, and schools

Services Offered

Nutrition Journey

Initial Consultation (60-90 minutes)

Nutrition consultations are educational and motivational. A creative approach is used to integrate sustainable healthy eating changes into the client’s lifestyle. A complete nutrition and wellness assessment of the client’s overall health and lifestyle is completed, which includes discussion of nutrition, daily life, medical and weight history, relevant laboratory work, physical activity levels and medications, and the client's health and nutrition goals.  The nutritionist analyzes the client’s goals and daily nutrition needs and thoroughly explains how to best meet these requirements with a focus on balance of macronutrients, portion sizes as well as cooking preferences.  A nutrition plan is created for the client to approve, which includes handouts and recommendations to enable clients to reach their goals.  Cutting-edge tools and resources are utilized to monitor progress and promote success.  The nutritionist is happy to prepare progress reports and communicate, on request, with the client’s physician.

Follow-Up Consultations (30-40 minutes)

A plan for follow-up appointments is based on the client’s personal needs and typically includes a review of the meal plan, discussion of the food log and current dietary intake patterns, body analysis, and monitoring of progress.  Virtual (Skype, FaceTime or telephone) follow-up programs are available upon.

Programs & Packages

Nutrition Concierge Monthly Membership Package

Nutrition Journey’s specialty is the nutrition concierge membership programs which offer a complete nutrition overhaul, with personalized meal plans, education and support. Throughout the program Nutrition Journey assesses nutrition status and analyzes lifestyle to create a customized plan to help the client reach the desired health goals. Nutrition Journey will provide expert advice and guidance throughout the process. Prior to the initial meeting, the client will complete a thorough dietary recall and health history form to better understand the current lifestyle. With this information, a meal plan will be created that fits with the client’s lifestyle and addresses areas of concern, including discussion of the importance of creating healthier habits. All in office packages include medical grade, accurate and simple total body composition analysis.

What’s Included?

  • 1 Pre-Assessment Interview
  • 1 Comprehensive Health & Lifestyle Assessment Including Body Analysis
  • 4 Weeks of Customized Meal Plans; including over 30 breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner recipes
  • 1 Month of Health Coaching
  • Phone/Text/Email Support
  • Membership to
  • 3 Weekly Appointments
  • 1 Hour Shopping Lesson/Cooking Lessons
  • Laminated Copies of Every Meal Plan
  • Copy of Nutrition Journey Ebook
  • Customized Hardcopy Recipe Book to keep; the longer you are a member the more recipes you have!

Virtual Consultations

Don't live in the Los Angeles area?  Not a problem.  This service is available via Skype, FaceTime, email, and telephone.

Home Visits & Kitchen Makeovers

Home Visits (60-90 minutes)

Home appointments include a comprehensive health and kitchen assessment, nutrition education, customized meal plans and counseling just like an office visit, but in the convenience of your residence.  Plus, with an in home consultation, in-depth recommendations can be made based on cooking equipment, refrigeration and pantry.

Cooking Lesson & Home Follow ups

Home Visits (60-90 minutes)

After the client’s new health eating blueprint is set up and they are ready to start the new meal plan, another option for home appointments is cooking together. The client will be instructed in simple and easy, yet healthy cooking tips. Also for those kitchen amateurs out there, the client can be taught to cook these healthy, tasty recipes.

Healthy Shopping Lessons & Grocery

Store Tours (60 minutes)

Individual grocery store shopping lessons can be tailored to the client’s unique needs, including those with specific health conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, weight management, gluten-free/Celiac, and vegetarian/vegan diets. It can also be for anyone who just wants to know how to make the best decision shopping without spending too much time reading the labels.   During the shopping trip food and nutrition questions will be answered and the client will be provided with personalized recommendations.

When you sign up for Nutrition Journey, you’re signing up for more than simply a health program. You’re getting a happier, more resilient, and more vibrant you every single day.

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