Eating Lean Meat: Important Part of Balance Diet

Lean Meat

Eating Lean Meat: Important Part of Balance Diet

Eating Lean Meat: Important Part of Balance Diet

Lean Meat being bad for your health is a MYTH! There are many reasons such as, cultural and ethical beliefs, that stop people from eating meat however OUR health is not one of them.  At Nutrition Journey, we can create a meal plan around YOU and any food preference; such as vegan, vegetarian, kosher or etc. however eating lean meats like chicken, pork and red meat in small amounts can be part of a healthy plan. Here are 5 key benefits of eating leaning meats.

Assist with the Building of Muscles

Amino acids from proteins are the building blocks for muscles, after any strenuous activity, even things such as lifting heavy groceries, the proteins you consume and store are used to rebuild and repair muscles.

Maintaining Health Blood

Vitamin B- complex & iron are essential for healthy blood. Iron promotes the production of red blood cells as well as being the key eliminating anemia (especially in pre-and during pregnancy).

Lowers Cholesterol

Many believe that meat is bad for cholesterol however many studies have found that LEAN MEAT can actually decrease the plasma cholesterol.

Increased Energy & Mood

Decreased levels of iron, aka anemia, symptoms include weakness, fatigue and irritability so on the contrary increased meal protein can elevate blood iron levels and prevent anemia and its symptoms. Studies have also shown that; increased vitamin B levels, that includes B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, from lean meat help with increased energy and decreased stress levels.


As you can see below lean meats has the highest levels of protein per ounce ( From out more on MyPlate website).



1 small steak (eye of round, filet) = 3/12 to 4 ounce equivalents

1 small lean hamburger = 2 to 3 ounce equivalents


1 small chicken breast half = 3 ounce equivalents

1/2 Cornish game hen = 4 ounce equivalents


1 can of tuna, drained = 3 to 4 ounce equivalents
1 salmon steak = 4 to 6 ounce equivalents
1 small trout = 3 ounce equivalents


3 egg whites = 2 ounce equivalents
3 egg yolks = 1 ounce equivalent

Nuts and seeds

1 ounce of nuts of seeds = 2 ounce equivalents

Beans and peas

1 cup split pea soup = 2 ounce equivalents
1 cup lentil soup = 2 ounce equivalents
1 cup bean soup = 2 ounce equivalents
1 soy or bean burger patty = 2 ounce equivalents


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