Grocery Shopping: Myths, Facts & Tips

Grocery Shopping: Myths, Facts & Tips

Grocery Shopping: Myths, Facts & Tips

Myth or Fact Monday Presents:

Is it true that on average a household spend over 100 hours a year grocery shopping???

This is a:

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The average person spends approximately 55 hours per year. This is based on a median 45mins per trip to the grocery store with the typical person going  1.5  times each week. People who shop on the weekend spend nearly an extra 10mins at the grocery store, with Saturday being the most popular day to shop. Monday and Tuesday are the best day to shop with the least amount of traffic. Try to avoid shopping between 4pm and 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 1pm on the weekends.


Avoid the Crowds

My favorite time to shop is when things are quite, early Sunday morning or late in the evening on week nights. Why? Did you know shopping in crowded stores not only increases the time you spend at the store but also impacts on your stress levels which can affect your productivity and the choices you make?

Be Proud of Doing Right!

It is sad that when you do shop correctly, sticking to fresh produce and healthy alternatives, that people comment about you being on a diet, when really you are just taking control of your health.  Plus, to be honest, what you can create from that health selection, will probably taste way better than any processed food you pick and will definitely make you feel a lot better afterwards.


Make a Plan

Now back to my original point ; In this day and age most people feel rushed when they finally make it to the grocery store and so often go for the easy option. The quick fix however this is most commonly not the healthiest choice. After years of helping other people to grocery shop I have a lot of knowledge and tricks to make sure I utilize my precious time effectively. I know that most people are not so lucky and they spend far too much time in the grocery store only to walk out of the store as confused as ever, wondering about choosing  organic vs. not organic ,are the “non-fat” products really a healthy option etc.?  To help you, take control of your shopping, health and wellness, I am sharing my knowledge with you and not just via this blog but also with our NEW Selfie Stick Shopping Series .

5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of  Your Grocery Trip:

  1. Always write a list prior to going shopping
  2. Read the labels for fat, sodium and sugar levels.
  3. Avoid going shopping when hungry
  4. Utilize each store in your neighbourhood for the best deals.
  5. Spend more time around the perimiter of the store,where you will find freshest whole foods. Theprocessed foods are generally found in the center of the store.


So learn from me, ask questions and enjoy! 

Here are first 2  Selfie Stick Shopping Series  with new videos coming out each week. Don’t Forget to Shop Smarter and Laugh harder! Lets making shopping fun….



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