Yes or No to Carbohydrates?!?!


Yes or No to Carbohydrates?!?!

Yes or No to Carbohydrates?!?!

“Carbohydrates Are Making a Comeback”

Finally, the importance of nutritiously rich whole foods are prevailing over highly restrictive “diets”. Eating to lose weight is not all about cutting calories, it is about providing your body with the right energy. Carbohydrates are energy!

We have been so excited to read like-minded articles, we had to share them. Here at Nutrition Journey, we support the importance of including nutrient dense complex carbohydrates in your diet.

When it comes to what we offer at Nutrition Journey, we believe it is vital (unless intolerant or allergic) to include “whole” Carbs in our healthy living & metabolic boosting eating plans. “Whole” Carbs fuel your body and help to keep you full longer. This is essential for everyone. It is especially necessary for those with a busy and hectic life.

From this week, we will be adding a new recipe that incorporates one of our favorite carbohydrates, and will add them to our Facebook & blog weekly. You can also check out our Kickstarter Meal Plan for some healthy carb right meals.

Carrot Fries

(4 servings)


* 3 Tbsp. cold pressed avocado or olive oil

* 2 lbs. carrots

* 1 ½ chili powder


1) Boil a pot of water.

2) Cut each carrot in half and then cut the carrot halves into 1-inch-wide wedges.

3) Once the water is boiling put the wedges in for approx. 3-5 minutes (when soft).

4) In a bowl, combine the oil and chili powder, then add the wedges and mix till covered in oil mixture.

5) Heat oil in a pan, then add the wedges cover the pan evenly and turn regularly till crunchy on the outside.

6) Let the wedges cool for a bit.

7) Serve & ENJOY!!!


Some of our other favorite recipes are.

1) Pumpkin Smoothie

2) Beet & Farro Salad

3) Mexican Quinoa Salad

4) Carrot Soup

5)  Berry Vanilla Overnight Oats

6) Buckwheat Pancakes


Let us know your favorite Carbohydrate based recipe.


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