What could be more personal than YOUR nutrition & health?

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What could be more personal than YOUR nutrition & health?

What could be more personal than YOUR nutrition & health?

Nutrition is extremely personal to me, and that is why I have made it my life mission to help to educate others on its importance.

Just like Jean Paul Starte said, “WE ARE OUR CHOICES,” and so is nutrition. Every day we make personal choices regarding our nutrition and health that impact our lives.

At Nutrition Journey, we believe whole heartedly that health is personal. It is important to make the best choices for ourselves. To do so, we need high quality information that is easy to understand. It is our mission to help you make informed nutrition decisions. We offer personalized nutrition plans, lifestyle coaching and advice, and so much more.


Nutrition Journey was founded on the principle that everyone should have access to quality nutritional information and the knowledge and confidence to create positive and healthy life choices.


Nutrition Journey is an online platform that offers the highest quality personalized nutrition plans and health coaching.


1) Goal setting
2) Ongoing nutrition and health coaching
4) Support and motivation
5) Exclusive content for members

When we say our programs are personalized, we mean it. We understand that everyone is different, has different goals, and in turn has a unique path to take. Through questionnaires, journals, and online chats, we find out as much as possible about what you want to get out of this lifestyle change and create a plan that is specifically for you. As a Nutrition Journey member, your program changes as you change.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.

We are committed to helping you reach your goals and we look forward to experiencing this journey with you.

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