Introducing Nutrition Journey’s Affordable Meal Plan & Nutrition Concierge Service

Introducing Nutrition Journey’s Affordable Meal Plan & Nutrition Concierge Service

Introducing Nutrition Journey’s Affordable Meal Plan & Nutrition Concierge Service

Introducing Nutrition Journey’s Affordable Meal Plan & Nutrition Concierge Service

$199.00 $47.00

We are so Proud to announce the first in a series of Nutrition Journey’s affordable meal plans. 

Get the Energy and Body you want in just Six Weeks with Nutrition Journey’s Kickstarter Affordable Meal Plan 

Anna Baker founder of Nutrition Journey has been working hard to create an affordable meal plan and nutrition concierge service program. By purchasing this eBook, you can expect an immersive fitness and health experience that caters not just to the gym rats or the health fanatics among us, but to the average person.
At Nutrition Journey, we don’t just believe in fitness; we believe in wellness.
This means doing all the little things that lead to a balanced and healthy life. Our Wellness Journal is chock full of tips and life hacks that will help you develop a solid foundation of mental, physical, and spiritual health.

By purchasing Meal Plan eBook:

you receive two free months of Nutrition Concierge Service so that you can benefit from one-on-one support as you’re starting out on your journey. This alone is valued at over $200! Don’t miss out on a social life because you are on a meal plan; get advise on alternate recipes and which meals to eat when you are out for dinner? As well as tips of best drink choices. You do not have to give up your social life to be healthy. 

This comes in addition to the unlimited text and email support that we offer.
Our goal is to help you make sure that you receive the guidance necessary to get the most out of your journey. Other health programs inundate you with information without any sort of direction.
At Nutrition Journey, we believe that building a relationship with our members is the best way to ensure their success. When it comes to personal health, time is always of the essence.
What are you waiting for?

Don’t Miss this amazing offer.

Purchase this affordable Meal Plan & Nutrition Concierge Service today to kickstart your health into high gear! This offer won’t be around for much longer….Affordable Meal Plan About This Program

You get a 6-week meal plan with online concierge support. No matter where you are or where life takes you, you can work with one of LA’s top Nutritionists at an affordable price.

What makes this meal plan work over other weight loss and diet plans is it includes a Nutrition Journey membership, personalized coaching and support including unlimited support emails/texts, weekly newsletters and the easy to follow step-by-step guide.

Anna & her team are here to help you stay on your healthiest track to achieving your health goals.

What’s Included?

  •  42 Days of Meal Plans Which Provides You with Over 60 New And Healthy Recipes To Try
  •  Food & Fitness Journal
  •  Shopping Guide
  •  Bread Recommendation
  •  Vegetable Guide
  •  Protein Shake & Green Smoothie Guide
  •  3 Meals and 3 Snack Ideas Per Day
  •  2 Months Nutrition Concierge Service ($200 Value)
  • Be accountable with out membership to our Photo Share Journal App
  •  Wellness Journal 
  •  Nutrition Journey Membership
  •  Unlimited Text & Email Support


  • Kickstarter Meal Plan Book

    Normally $199, now $47


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Introducing Nutrition Journey’s Affordable Meal Plan & Nutrition Concierge Service

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    6 Week Kickstarter Meal Plan

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    Get a Monthly Meal Plan to Your Inbox

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    • Get your Nutrition Journey Membership Cheaper than you gym member!
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    Online Month-to-Month VIP Nutrition Membership Program

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    • It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle
    • No hidden fees or long contract (only two month minimum commitment)
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    Online Month-to-Month Nutrition Program

    • For only $149 per month (value of over $300), expert services at an affordable price
    • Get personalized support from a top nutritionist from anywhere in the world
    • Your nutritionist is always just a click away
    • A fast, fun & convenient way to create new healthier habits
    • No hidden fees or long contract (2 month minimum terms)
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    6-Month Online VIP Nutrition Program

    • For only $1,495 you get more than $4,000 in nutrition services
    • Ideal for anyone with an upcoming wedding or special event to plan for
    • The most flexible, convenient, and personalized nutrition service available
    • Receive first-class service from anywhere your life takes you
    • Get an all-access pass to your own nutritional expert
    • Forget one-size-fits all diet plans and get a nutrition plan that custom tailored for you
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    2 Month Online VIP Nutrition Program

    • For only $500 for will receive more than $1,000 in high end nutrition services
    • This all-inclusive program will help you reach the goals you want at a price you can afford
    • Unlimited access to your own nutrition concierge
    • Start with this great value 2 months of package; with the ultimate support, education, and nutrition guidance
    • No more generic diet plans. Finally, a nutrition program designed specifically for you
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