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Healing with Food!

Healing Beet Salad with Creamy Vegan Dressing Healing our mind, body and spirit is vital in our everyday life. There are so many ways to support and heal our health. Picking the right healing foods is a great way to do this. As much as it may seem like all food that goes into your […]


OUR FAVORITE BEET SALAD Why do we love beet and farro in our salad? Beetroots are a super food providing us with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. The also assist with brain function, weight loss and increased energy. Farro is an ancient grain that was believed to be a staple for the roman legions. It is […]


As the weather is “hot hot hot” here in Los Angeles we are taking advantage of the summer weather and continuing to share some of our favorite summer salads. This time Lindsey made high protein lentil salad not only full of color, but also a power punch of nutrients, especially an amazing fiber hit! Lentils provide […]

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