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Healing with Food!

Healing Beet Salad with Creamy Vegan Dressing Healing our mind, body and spirit is vital in our everyday life. There are so many ways to support and heal our health. Picking the right healing foods is a great way to do this. As much as it may seem like all food that goes into your […]

Bread: Don’t avoid it; just pick right!

BREADS Welcome to Anna’s top 5 healthiest. Each week we will be testing, looking into nutrient content quality, accessibility and price and come up with our top 5 pick!! SO THIS WEEK WE ARE LOOKING AT BREADS  We’ve done our research and you should do yours! In order to help you make more educated decisions […]


Healthy eating habits! What are they? Does that mean code for a diet? When really they are nothing to be afraid of more be embraced. Well that is certainly how I think about them. So lets see if your habits need a little fine tuning or some healthy support to change. Do you have a […]


WHY WE PICK WATER ABOVE ALL ELSE NOW & ARE LOVING ALL THE NEW FLAVORS! Water Water Water (or H20)! You want me to drink up to 1 gallon a day? Just like everything if you have too much of it you often get bored and over it! WATER IS NOT SOMETHING YOU ARE ALLOWED […]


Oats ARE One Trend YOU Should Follow!! OATS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR YEARS BUT SO HAVE MOST FAD FOODS THAN COME AND GO ALL THE TIME. WITH MOST OF THEM HAVING NO REAL PROVEN BENEFITS… I’ve been asked quite a few times about oats, is it really that much better for me to eat them […]

Kale: The Superfood You Should Be Eating

Today is National Kale day so we decided to take the day to look more at what makes kale so great! There is a lot of buzz around the trendy vegetable, and we want you to know why people feel the need to eat it so much. There are proven benefits to this nutrient dense […]

Smoothie Craze: How to make the right choice.

Smoothies and juice retailers are popping up right and left. So the question is… are these smoothie drinks healthy for you or is this just another money guzzling business idea? Well, the answer is YES and NO. Few smoothies and/or juice drinks out there are particularly healthy, low in sugar, and provide us with an abundance […]

Why We’re Crazy About Chia Seeds!!

So what’s the deal with these seeds? They are derived from the desert plant, Salvia Hispanica, found in South America. Hundreds of years ago, they were recognized for providing a good source of energy among the Aztec and Mayan Tribes. Recently, they made it back to the limelight. Nutrition gurus are hailing the small black seeds for […]

Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair by Following these Simple Tips

The hair you are born with is an expression of your genetic makeup, healthy hair or not. However, our hair is also affected by our surrounding environment and lifestyle! Diet is especially known to have a drastic influence on the quality of our hair. In order to obtain optimal health for our hair, we should […]

Take Control of Your Health: Follow Theses Tips To Escape the Flu Season

As that time of year comes around again, the dreaded flu season; you do not have to fear the flu after following these important health and nutrition tips! Don’t cut calories Here are some important health and nutrition tips to keep in mind now the flu season is upon us! A 2008 report in the Journal […]

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