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Eating Lean Meat: Important Part of Balance Diet

Lean Meat being bad for your health is a MYTH! There are many reasons such as, cultural and ethical beliefs, that stop people from eating meat however OUR health is not one of them.  At Nutrition Journey, we can create a meal plan around YOU and any food preference; such as vegan, vegetarian, kosher or etc. […]

Kale: The Superfood You Should Be Eating

Today is National Kale day so we decided to take the day to look more at what makes kale so great! There is a lot of buzz around the trendy vegetable, and we want you to know why people feel the need to eat it so much. There are proven benefits to this nutrient dense […]


To Yoke or Not to Yoke? That is Egg The Question!?! For over a decade, people have been under the impression that the yolk of the egg is high in cholesterol and consumption will contribute to increased LDL or “bad” cholesterol. Therefore, doctors have advised patients who suffer from or are at risk for developing […]


This is a great healthy recipe one of our nutritionists and health coach created for one of our clients personalized nutrition meal plan and it was too good to keep for ourselves. Let us know what you think!! 2 SERVINGS INGREDIENTS SALAD 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed 2 tbsp olive oil ¼ cup […]

Should You or Shouldn’t You Be Eating the Yolk of Eggs?

New Beauty: Should You or Shouldn’t You Be Eating the Yolk of Eggs?


Starting at birth, we are capable of recognizing fullness or satiation. But how does this in fact work? How do we take advantage of mindful eating? When the stomach receives food, hormones get released into the blood. When these hormones reach a certain level, neurological signals are sent to the brain to tell you that […]

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