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Artificial Sweeteners: What Are You Putting In Your Coffee?

Artificial Sweeteners; be it Sweet N Low, Stevia, Sugar in the Raw, with so many options, WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE? When you have a sweet tooth and love your coffee, cereal, soda etc., is picking artificial sweetener the best choice? Let the artificial sweetener debate begin! Sugar substitutes were originally created by accident in 1879, when two […]

Kale: The Superfood You Should Be Eating

Today is National Kale day so we decided to take the day to look more at what makes kale so great! There is a lot of buzz around the trendy vegetable, and we want you to know why people feel the need to eat it so much. There are proven benefits to this nutrient dense […]


Most coffee lovers complain that certain coffees are brewed too acidic. We’re brining you the healthy solution without making you sacrifice your morning cup o’Joe. Cold brew coffee uses beans that are naturally low in acid. An accumulation of too much acid from diet creates an unhealthy environment in our bodies. We want to eat alkaline […]

The Best Health Raw Chocolate Treat!

Have Sugar Cravings? Want a Healthy Raw Treat? Money may not grow on tree but chocolate does! The superstar of chocolate known as cacao beans are grown on small trees named theobroma cacao, which literally translates to “cacao, the food of the gods” in Greek. Try this healthy raw chocolate treat. A guilt free desert […]

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