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Yes or No to Carbohydrates?!?!

“Carbohydrates Are Making a Comeback” Finally, the importance of nutritiously rich whole foods are prevailing over highly restrictive “diets”. Eating to lose weight is not all about cutting calories, it is about providing your body with the right energy. Carbohydrates are energy! We have been so excited to read like-minded articles, we had to share them. […]

Kale: The Superfood You Should Be Eating

Today is National Kale day so we decided to take the day to look more at what makes kale so great! There is a lot of buzz around the trendy vegetable, and we want you to know why people feel the need to eat it so much. There are proven benefits to this nutrient dense […]


August is national Watermelon month and in salute to this we have come up with a great summer recipe to try to keep you cool on those hot days without adding too many extra calories. We love this low calorie, hydrating & simply refreshing treat!!  No matter if you are 5 or 50, in the […]

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