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Watermelon Drink We Promise You Will Love!

When you have had enough of just glass of water after water and tempted to reach for a soda as a much needed change; try this watermelon drink instead. Our nutritious summer watermelon drink is incredibly alkaline for the blood, meaning it is on the alkaline side of your body’s natural PH level, which is […]

Green Juices: a Refreshing & Nutritious Addition To Your Day!

Green Juices are a hot topic these days… To Juice or not to juice?!?  When it comes to green juices, as long as you are happy to drink it, you can juice practically any fruit or vegetable. Cold pressed green juices are a great supplement to a healthy diet and a way to boost your daily […]


August is national Watermelon month and in salute to this we have come up with a great summer recipe to try to keep you cool on those hot days without adding too many extra calories. We love this low calorie, hydrating & simply refreshing treat!!  No matter if you are 5 or 50, in the […]

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