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Chickpea CCCrazy!!!

You’ll Want to Eat More Chickpeas with These Tasty Recipes We’re all about the chickpea right now! Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are an incredibly healthy way to get an extra protein boost in your meals and help you stay full throughout the day. *Chickpeas have high amounts of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B-6, which […]

Selfie Stick Shopping: Hidden Sugars in Pasta Sauces

What is Selfie Stick Shopping? Selfie Stick Shopping by Nutrition Journey is a fun and quick way to learn about what to choose and what not to choose when you are grocery shopping.   Episode 5: Pasta Sauces How healthy is your pasta sauce?! Is it loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients? Some sauces can […]

An Easy Healthy Dinner: The Truth About Frozen Vegetables

FROZEN VEGETABLES Want to make a healthy dinner in minutes? Well Stock up on frozen vegetables. Studies suggest that frozen some frozen vegetables can have as many if not more nutrients than their fresh counterparts. Why are Frozen vegetables great? As the nutrients are locked in at their “peak freshness” due to being processed kist after being picked.  As […]


A SPICY WAY TO START OR END THE DAY! INGREDIENTS 1 egg 2 egg whites 1 tablespoon of skim milk, almond milk or oat milk pinch of cayenne pepper 50g smoked salmon, (alternatives cooked chicken breast or cooked tuna) small handful of chopped parsley bran oil spray METHOD Chop the parsley and salmon thinly and place […]


THE CREATIVE SIDE OF A NUTRITIONIST’S LIFE!! PRODUCING RECIPES FOR OUR CLIENTS PERSONALIZED MEAL PLANS One of our newest additions to the Nutrition Journey Family, Lauren Paletz, introduced us to the Spiralizer last Monday and by Tuesday two more team members have purchased their own. We couldn’t help but experimenting with them that day during […]


This simple breakfast serves one, is high in fiber, good carbohydrates, and nutrients and is a great way to start your day. Overnight oats is one of the simplest way to provide yourself with a nutrient rich breakfast that take no time at all.. This simple breakfast serves one, is high in fiber, good carbohydrates, […]


I really enjoy a great nutritious summer salad recipe! A simple garden salad can be boring, and a caesar salad can have more fat and calories that other entrees, so this is a fantastic compromise. The high quality buffalo mozzarella, avocado and garlic powder combination just makes it something special! SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 1 steamed chicken […]

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