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"Anna is deeply passionate about customizing a nutrition plan to fit her clients' needs. I have a demanding schedule with lots of events (I live in West Hollywood) and she works hard to customize a plan that will work for me."

Maxine @Vanitygirlhollywood

"Anna Baker is not only a great nutritionist but she is now a friend of mine. She truly cares about her clients. She's so different from other nutritionists in LA: she genuinely cares about you and isn't just interested in your money. After meeting with Anna on a regular basis I feel confident in starting my weight loss journey. It's comforting to know that she's always a phone call or text away. I look forward to continuing learning and working with Anna."

Emily E

"Anna is realistic and a joy to work with. Her recipes are delicious and something that I look forward to eating. Not only did I loose weight on her meal plan and months off of it I have kept it off, I feel so much more healthy and energetic. I fall asleep easier and wake up more refreshed. The power that food has on the body is amazing and I am grateful for Anna for making that power positive once again. Thank you Nutrition Journey!"

Blaire H, @wannasplitsomething

"Anna is extremely knowledgable. Not only did she help improve my nutritional health, but she did so in a realistic way that suited my lifestyle."

Talia B

"I could not be more greatful for the advice and support I receive from Anna and her team. I am now able to make healthy informed decisions when eating. Having a meal plan that is custom designed means I still am able to enjoy my favourite treats without the guilt, as I know I am making correct choices the rest of the day."

Crystal S

"Many thanks to Anna and her team at Nutrition Journey for their help and inspiration. With their advice and ongoing support I have been able to follow a meal plan which has me feeling much healthier and given me so much more energy."

Pat G

"I have done many ‘diets’ over the years but nothing has been maintainable long term. I started with Nutrition Journey a few months ago and Anna provided me with some personalized meal plans and recipes, the greatest part is that I am a fussy eater so it was great to finally have something tailored just for me, with food I actually enjoy eating! Anna is always there for me if I need her, when I’m having a weak moment or have a craving for something she has the healthy answer instead!""

Sam T

"I have been to a few nutritionists. All of them thought they had the answers for me. When I first joined Nutrition Journey, I was excited to finally lose the extra weight I had been carrying around for the past few years. I filled out all of the forms carefully and I was impressed by how thorough the evaluation was. Anna was patient, attentive and warm. I appreciated how much time she spent finding out about my gluten-free diet, digestive issues and likes and dislikes. She created customized menus and recipes and even took me to the supermarket to make suggestions. I am losing weight and feeling better about myself. I couldn’t ask for a better support system. Now it is up to me to follow it through."

Amy L

"Nutritional Journey helped me identify which foods were possible migraine triggers. By creating a meal plan geared towards my somewhat particular tastes, Anna and her team were able to help me determine which foods I should keep in my diet and which foods I needed to eliminate"

Matt M

When you sign up for Nutrition Journey, you’re signing up for more than simply a health program. You’re getting a happier, more resilient, and more vibrant you every single day.

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