Watermelon Drink We Promise You Will Love!

Watermelon Drink We Promise You Will Love!

Watermelon Drink We Promise You Will Love!

When you have had enough of just glass of water after water and tempted to reach for a soda as a much needed change; try this watermelon drink instead. Our nutritious summer watermelon drink is incredibly alkaline for the blood, meaning it is on the alkaline side of your body’s natural PH level, which is healthy! The opposite side of our PH scale is acidic food. The majority of acidic foods in the body can create disease and unhealthy bacteria.

We want you to drink your way to health and have it taste good while doing it!

Watermelon is refreshing in salads, desserts, and as a side to any meal, but our favorite way to use this nutritious fruit is to juice it! You get the most nutrients by juicing it and drinking it immediately. This tasty fruit is high in water content as well as vitamin C so your cells will feel nourished, hydrated, and ready to go. As long as you keep this recipe clean with no added sugars or sweeteners, it is approved by us! Keep this summer refresher in your pocket. We promise, you’ll want to bring this goodness out again!

In this hot heat we all need extra hydration, so we bring you our favorite summery and fruity recipe!

Watermelon Drink Recipe

  1. Cut a watermelon in half
  2. Scoop up the goodies inside and enjoy or save for later
  3. Fill the watermelon with water, ice and lemon for a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing drink
  4. Take the insides of the fruit and toss them in a blender
  5. Throw some mint and lemon in there (and maybe even vodka… if you’re having a backyard BBQ)
  6. Serve ice cold for you and your guests to enjoy! We promise they will love it!

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